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           Dada Patil Mahavidyalaya was established by the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha in 1964 to provide educational facilities to downtrodden and socially backward section of society, irrespective of caste, creed, sect, region and religion. The Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, founded by the late Dr. Karmveer BhauraoPatil in 1919, is one of the leading educational institutes in Asia . The value of its contribution to education in general is enormously great, as it has from the very beginning tried all its best to lay emphasis on the education of the downtrodden the poor and the ignorant that really come from the major bulk of society. The late Dr. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil was the man of masses, who devoted all his life to the cause of their education. He had an incisive understanding of the social ills that beset his times and had fully realized the dire need of the spread of education. He believed that education alone could eradicate illiteracy, untouchability, castehirarchy, superstitions, social and economic inequality. Throughout his life, he tried to realize this belief in reality. He was the prophet of the poor, the weak, and the dispossessed. Consequently, he left no stone unturned for their upliftment. Such a renowned person has established this educational institute with the following vision, mission and objectives :


To build academically responsible, self-reliant, creative global citizens consisting of spiritual, social and cultural values in the drought prone, rural area.


  1. To contribute to the rural development by updating students’ knowledge and facilitate them with innovation, research, modern teaching-learning processes, social values, scientific attitude, gender equality and freedom from superstitions.
  2. To imbibe the value of labour and build up all round development of students through value based education.
  3. To make students aware about sustainable development and their role in enriching resources.


  1. To provide higher educational opportunities to rural students at their doors.
  2. To generate academically, physically and spiritually sound and motivated students.
  3. To develop the overall personality of the students.
  4. To promote women education.
  5. To promote a healthy educational atmosphere.
  6. To promote environmental awareness.

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