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Competitive Examinations Guidance Center


By taking into consideration that education is the means of Social Transformation, Karmaveer Dr. Bhaurao Patil established Rayat Shikshan Sanstha for the uplifting of the rural masses in 1919. The same path was continued by Dalitmitra Dada Patil which resulted into Dada Patil Mahavidyalaya in Karjat in June 1964. Our college remains alert for the all-round development of its student. We ceaselessly try to assist students for their updating in terms of new challenges, increasing use of Information Technology, increasing competition in the era of globalization. By taking into consideration the challenges of metamorphosing era, the college has established ‘Competitive Examination Guidance Centre’ for making the imprints of the Sanstha in the administration under the able guidance of Hon. President of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Hon. Sharad Pawar and the Chairman of the Sanstha Dr. Anil Patil.

The centre is vigorously attempting for eradication of inferiority complex among rural students and striving to increase the self-confidence among them to shape their careers. The insecurity, work-stress, impermanence in private jobs have resulted into the attraction towards Government jobs. Along with it, the respect and social status rewarded by the Government jobs also have attracted the students of all the disciplines. Our centre is working for providing proper guidance to the rural students which are enchanted by the will of forming one’s own separate identity by entering into administration.

Rural students are under various wrong impressions regarding the preparation of Competitive examination. Despite of this, even common students may get success in Competitive Examination through honest efforts, proper guidance and self-confidence. Therefore it is our attempt to provide proper guidance, rich reference material and encouraging milieu.

Principal, Dr. Bal Kamble
Dada PatilMahavidyalaya, Karjat Dist. Ahmednagar


  • To create confidence among students about various competitive examinations.
  • To prepare students for qualifying various competitive exams like U.P.S.C., M.P.S.C., Banking, L.I.C., Police Constable, Defense, R.R.B, etc.
  • To train them for preliminary, mains, and personality test of various competitive exam.
  • To provide them classroom coaching aids, good quality reference material.
  • To create good administrators and good citizens.
  • To encourage girl students to join administrative services.
  • To educate the rural students about various Competitive Examinations.
  • To abolish misunderstandings about Competitive Examinations in the minds of rural students.
  • To create Supportive and Healthy milieu for the study of Competitive examinations.
  • To provide proper and exact guidance to the students for preparation of Competitive Examinations.
  • To provide the guidance to the students about competitive examinations in lesser fees.


  • Separate Building for the Centre
  • Reading Hall
  • E-Learning Classroom
  • Library
  • Guest Lectures
  • Online Lectures
  • Expert Lectures
  • Computer with Internet
  • Weekend Practice Examination


The students admitted in the Competitive Examinations Guidance Centre can take benefit of C.E.G.C. Library by depositing Rs. 500 to the Centre.

Specialties of the Library:

  • Availability of Standard Reference Books.
  • Books about Competitive Examinations published by renowned Experts.
  • Reference material from N.C.E.R.T., State Board and Open Universities.
  • News-paper facility which includes Indian Express, Losatta, Sakal, Maharashtra Times, Lokmat Weekly: Sadhana, Noukari Times, India Today.
  • Magazines: Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition Success Review, Nokari Sandarbh-Study Circle, Banking and You, Banking Guru, Dnyandeep Express, Unique Bulletin, Chanakya Mandal, Banking Services Chronicle, Raj Path,etc.
  • Question Banks.
  • Facility of Internet Browsing.
  • Library Timing: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Books published by faculty On M.P.S.C. and U.P.S.C.

Competitve Examination Guidance Center (CEGC) Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation
01 Prin. Dr. Bal Kamble Principal
02 Dr. Jagtap P.M. Co-ordinator
03 Dr. Chaudhari D. M. Member
04 Mr. Kumbhar D. S. Member
05 Dr. Rodage K. D. Member
06 Dr. Nagane P. N. Member
07 Mr. Bhadane M. S. Member
08 Mr. Dalvi R. D. Member

Admission Procedure

  • Any candidate from the college or outside the college preparing for competitive examinations can apply for the admission in the centre.
  • Admission fees: Rs. 4000 for one year (excluding library deposit: Rs. 500)

Yearwise Students Enrolled

Sr. No. Year Students Enrolled
1 2020-21 21
1 2019-20 112
2 2018-19 242
3 2017-18 220
4 2016-17 217


Sr. No. Post No. of Candidate
1 IAAS 01
2 Educational Officer 01
3 RFO (Range Forest Officer - Class 1) 02
4 C.A. (Chartered Accountant) 01
5 PSI (Police Sub Inspector) 07
6 STI (Sale Tax Inspector) 02
7 Assistant in Mantralaya 03
8 Police Constable 39
9 Agricultural Assistant 01
10 Assistance in Bank 03
11 RTO 01
Total 61

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