About Us


History is a reflection of the Past. its changes human behavior. And it covers all aspects of society.


The department of History tries to nourish the students along the side of Research attitude toward History Subjects. We always strive hard to bring Historical awareness and a studious attitude toward History. The courses are designed to provide an understanding of the social, Economical, and institutional base of Ancient India.


Department of History strives hard to imbibe national integration, aspects of ancient Indian History, agriculture, industry, trade and religious transformation. We try to cultivate students’ interest along the lives of students of ancient Indian arts and architecture. Department also does its best to know foreign culture, History and movements.


  1. To create an interest among the students about Research.
  2. To build the nation through Research in History.

Highlights of the Department

We have well experienced and qualified staff

Good culture of research with funding received from extramural and intramural funding sources

Savitribai Phule Pune Vidyapeeth pune History Research Ph.D. Guideship